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logger is a Console wrapper for Remix PWA that provides much better looking logs in the console.

It can be utilized like a normal logger:

import { logger } from '@remix-pwa/sw';

logger.log('Hello, world!');

Or can be customised to provide better ownership


The Logger class is a class that allows you to create your own logger, with your own styles, prefix and more.

Instantiating Logger

To create a new Logger instance, you can easily do so via the Logger constructor:

import { Logger } from '@remix-pwa/sw';

const logger = new Logger();

When no options are provided, the logger will use the default options.

Constructor Options

The Logger constructor accepts the following options:

  • prefix - The prefix to be used in the logs. By default, this is remix-pwa.
  • logLevel - The log level to be used. By default, this is info. Check out the Log Levels section for more information.
  • styles - The styles to be used in the logs. By default, this is a pre-defined set of styles for each log level, you can choose to extend or override these styles, individually or collectively.
  • isProductionEnv - This would be auto-filled in by Remix PWA Vite bundler. Don't set this manually.

Logger methods

The Logger class provides the following methods:

  • debug - Logs a message with the debug log level.
  • info - Logs a message with the info log level.
  • log - Logs a message with the log log level.
  • warn - Logs a message with the warn log level.
  • error - Logs a message with the error log level.
  • groupCollapsed - Logs a group of messages with the log log level.
  • groupEnd - Ends a group of messages.

They perform the same as the console methods, but with better looking logs.

The other set fo not-so-conventional methods include:

  • setLogLevel - Sets the log level for the logger.
  • setStyles - Sets the styles for the logger. Can be used to override styles after instantiation.

Log Levels

Log levels in Remix PWA Logger is a hierarchical structure, that allows you to filter out logs based on their severity.

The log levels are as follows:

  • debug - The most verbose log level. Used for debugging purposes.
  • info - The default log level. Used for general information.
  • log - The default log level. Used for general information.
  • warn - The warning log level. Used for non-critical issues.
  • error - The error log level. Used for critical issues.

The log levels are hierarchical, meaning that a log level will log all logs of its level and below.


The logger export is a pre-instantiated Logger instance with the default options.